refugee is a person who flees to escape conflict, persecution or natural disaster.


The Paul Platner Family and others have decided to write a grant to assist in the plight of refugees.

We have served in Africa, the Middle East, and America in support of efforts of the Baha'i Faith to unify mankind.  It goes without saying that we have benefited, from our attempts at service, far more than we have contributed.  Daniel and Kaity are in Tanzania till Aug 09.

We now embark on a program specifically design to assist the youth in Refugee Camps.  This will evolve into other projects to be defined later.

Why? - There are so many groups of people that need assistance in the world why refugees.  Paul has tried to explain but it comes down to his passion and his destiny.

We will be working with the Ruhi Institute   In the publication "Animators of Junior Youth Groups - Unit 1" it describes the period between the ages of 12-15 as a special time in the life of an individual, for it is during these years that they leave childhood and undergo a profound transformation.  Our attempt is to engage the youth in programs that seek to enhance their spiritual and intellectual capacities and prepare them to participate effectively in the affairs of their communities through acts of service.

There will be more information posted soon.

Check out the Refugee News page

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